Yvette & unions launch campaign for Kellingley workers as Government tries to deny hundreds of workers their final payout

Published at: October 24, 2019 12:00 AM

MP Yvette Cooper has joined local trade unions GMB and the NUM to demand that all the Kellingley workers get  their final payout just as the Thoresby workers did. 


MP Yvette Cooper has joined local trade unions GMB and the NUM to demand that all the Kellingley workers get  their final payout just as the Thoresby workers did.
Almost 300 former miners, staff and surface workers are currently being denied a final payment despite a court ruling that payments were owed and despite the fact that all the Thoresby workers received the payment when Thoresby closed at a similar time.
The Conservative Government has tried repeatedly to block final payments to the Kellingley workforce - including the last miners at Britain's last deep mine colliery. First they refused to give the workforce the same support as Thoresby, then they went to court to try to avoid paying out, and now they are trying to limit the number of people receiving a payment.
In August 2017 the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) won a tribunal against UK Coal Kellingley Ltd entitling  the workforce to a final payment similar to that received by the Thoresby workforce because UK Coal failed to carry out proper consultation or explore alternatives to keep the pits open when they closed in 2015.
The court agreed that the workforce had not been consulted and that they should be entitled to an extra payment.

Now the government has backtracked and said that only the 409 men who were members of the NUM will receive payments despite the fact that the entire workforce were denied consultation and were wrongly treated when the pit closed (and despite the fact that all the Thoresby workforce were given payments regardless of which union they were in).

Now all the unions have come together to call for the whole workforce to get support.
Yvette is backing all the unions campaign for their members and is calling  for a meeting with the Energy Minister to demand that everyone gets a payout.
Yvette Cooper MP for Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford commented:
"Time and again this Conservative Government has tried to block support for Yorkshire miners. They gave the extra payments to the Thoresby workforce without a murmur, but they've resisted help for Kellingley every step of the way. I backed the NUM who rightly fought to get these payments in the first place and it's thanks to them that the first payments have been made. Now I'm backing the GMB rightly fighting to get the same payments to the rest of the workforce too.
Everyone knows that the consultation  by UK Coal and the Government over the closure of Kellingley and Thoresby pits was a sham - and we also know they never properly looked at the investment options that could have kept Kellingley open for longer.
The Government failed to support the pit and now is failing the workforce - it's outrageous. That's why I'm demanding a meeting with the Energy Minister and campaigning with the unions to get the whole workforce the support they deserve.”

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