Yvette slams service changes at Mid-Yorkshire

Published at: June 09, 2016 9:58 AM

Local MP Yvette Cooper has condemned the cuts in neurology services in Wakefield District that are hitting patients with serious conditions including Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis and Cranial Hypertension.

In a letter from Mid-Yorkshire Health Trust, local health bosses have confirmed that five of the eight specialist neurology staff have left the Trust and not been replaced.

That means patients with Parkinson’s, dizziness and balance and motor neurone disease are being forced to travel to Leeds, Sheffield or Hull for appointments. 

And patients needing the neurology service for treatments such as multiple sclerosis may have to wait longer for appointments.

Yvette Cooper, commenting on the changes said: 

"More and more precious NHS services are being cut from our area and patients are losing out. Patients with conditions such as MS are waiting far too long for an appointments and patients with Parkinson’s are now having to travel far further to get the care they need. It is a bad reflection on Mid Yorkshire Trust that they lost so many medical experts all at once. And it's an even worse reflection on the Government’s health policy that they can't recruit new staff to replace them. There is a growing NHS staff crisis across the country. And patients are losing out. Where will this end? How many more services are we going to lose before the Government makes sure there are enough doctors and nurses? 

“No one doubts the hard work and dedication of staff working in the NHS – they look after us at some of the most vulnerable points in our lives and deserve all the praise in the world. But there just aren't enough of them. The Government need to get a grip and sort out this mess urgently.”



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