Yvette Cooper response to review of Savile abuse in NHS hospitals

Published at: June 26, 2014 3:22 PM

In response to the publication of the review, overseen by Kate Lampard QC, into Jimmy Savile’s abuse in NHS hospitals, Shadow Home Secretary, Yvette Cooper MP said:

"Today’s report highlights the depths of Savile’s depravity and the vulnerability of many of his victims. It is a deeply distressing and disturbing report - and the victims have shown great bravery in coming forward. We should all support the apology to those victims now. 

"The report details the huge extent of the institutional failure that meant so many victims were ignored or left to suffer in silence.

“Serious questions remain about how Savile was able to get away with abusing children for so long and why so many people failed to stop him.

“We continue to wait for reviews and inquiries from the BBC and a number of other hospitals. And the police need to consider further criminal investigations as a result of these reports.

“Savile’s victims should not be left to pull together the details of these myriad of investigations. There are lessons for the NHS, schools, the police, the media and a range of other institutions, but at the moment the process is still too fragmented to be sure all the necessary action will be taken.

“We need a proper overarching review led by child protection experts that can draw together all the lessons of the separate inquiries, and look at whether the child protection regime is strong enough across the board.

“Because the issues raised are not just historic problems. Earlier this year, the Director of Public Prosecutions drew parallels between the Savile case and more recent cases of prolonged abuse in Rochdale. In both cases, victims were not believed and professionals turned a blind eye to evidence.

“And figures show that thousands of convicted sex offenders and thousands more people where there is evidence of abuse are no longer being barred from working with children. As the NSPCC have said the vetting and barring system must also now be reviewed.

“Although over the decades legislation has changed and great strides have been made in child protection, we all know that much more needs to be done. And the horrific scale of Savile’s abuse should be a wake-up call to everyone.”

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