Yvette Cooper comments following the Mark Duggan Inquest verdict

Published at: January 09, 2014 5:21 PM

Yvette Cooper MP, Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary, commenting following the Mark Duggan Inquest verdict said:

“Our thoughts are with Mark Duggan’s family who are understandably grieving their loss and who themselves have rightly called for a calm and reflective response.

"Policing by consent depends on transparency and trust, the confidence of the local community, and on having systems in place to provide rapid answers when serious incidents occur. The judicial process involving a jury of 10 Londoners should be respected as should the families understandable need for clarity and answers.

“The IPCC need to conclude their investigation into this case and ensure it is thorough and effective. The long delays in this and other serious cases are not helpful. We continue to believe that more substantial reforms are needed so that a new independent police watchdog can command greater public confidence.

"I welcome Commissioner Hogan-Howe’s announcement of body cameras for armed officers, in order to ensure swifter access to the facts in future. Armed officers do need to deal with complex and difficult situations and full information is needed in the small number of cases when shootings occur to understand the events as they unfold.

"More also needs to be done to build confidence in the local community, as the Met have said. That relies on effective neighbourhood policing, and more work to address the relationship between the police and all the communities they police. The Home Office also need to respond to the stop and search consultation as it is now over three years since the EHRC report identified problems in the way it was being used.

"Police and the community are making great efforts to restore and build trust and this must be encouraged and supported as this is a long term effort that needs to be consistent as well as a response to this specific incident."



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