Yvette Backs Parents’ campaign for Butterflies

Published at: October 31, 2014 9:18 AM

Local MP Yvette Cooper is supporting Butterflies Children’s Centre in Normanton, which is under threat from Government £185m cuts. 

The MP has met parents and residents who are worried that the excellent work of the children’s centre will be lost if families are expected to go to Featherstone or use occasional services instead.

Parents from Normanton who use the centre met with the MP and handed over a petition of people who want to see the centre kept open. Wakefield Council is consulting on how to make the savings needed and Butterflies could be closed as a result.

Yvette Cooper MP said:

“Helping families when the children are small makes a big difference throughout their lives. I've talked to mums and dads across Normanton about the brilliant work Butterflies does - helping parents get jobs, helping babies and toddlers get a good start in life and helping families cope with the pressures they face. That's why I want to see that stay here in Normanton. Most parents won't be able to travel to Featherstone. This is about young families future."

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