Yvette and local Councillors call for experts in community to help support Knottingley Pool

Published at: June 09, 2014 2:30 PM

Local MP Yvette Cooper and Councillors in Knottingley are calling on members of the local community to come forward with ideas to support Knottingley Swimming Pool.

Wakefield Council is being forced by the Government to cut £152m from its budget by 2017, and a review of all the swimming pools is now underway.
Campaigners believe Knottingley pool is vital for the town and are looking for people in the local community who could get involved to help find alternative ways to support the pool and keep the pool open. 

They are looking for new ideas to raise money and save money, and new ways to run the facility - including letting the local community take over running services as other areas have done.
They are asking anyone who has an interest in the area and has good ideas to keep the swimming pool open, or financial, business or management expertise experience to get in touch on 01977 553388 or by emailing Yvette Cooper directly at coopery@parliament.uk.
Yvette Cooper MP said:
“Our pools are really important to our towns - they are used by people of all ages, to stay fit and healthy in the heart of our communities.

The Council is being forced by the Government to make big cuts to services. But we need to do everything we can and look at every possible option to support our local pools.

Officers have said the costs of the Knottingley pool are particularly challenging - but the pool is also particularly important to the community. Lots of people in Knottingley will have good ideas or expertise about how best we can keep the pool open, and how it should be run. But we need people to come forward and help."
Councillor Graham Stokes added:
"We are particularly seeking assistance from people with financial expertise to look at how we can sustain the swimming pool for the future.
"It is important in the current economic climate that we all work together to protect services for the most vulnerable people in society and the sports centre has an immense role to play in promoting health within the district and providing much needed capacity of swimming pools to be able to accommodate current service users."

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