Welcome that the fall in overall crime levels is continuing its long term trend but pattern of crime is changing and hollowing out of the service is worrying

Published at: July 18, 2013 11:45 AM

Yvette Cooper, Shadow Home Secretary, said:

"It is very welcome that the fall in overall crime levels is continuing its long term trend of the last twenty years. Better policing methods and the huge, continued efforts of the police and communities under considerable pressure should be applauded.

"But the figures show the pattern of crime is changing with a 27% increase in fraud as organised criminals are moving online and an increase in smartphone theft. We also know much online crime or fraud is not reported to the police, so much more needs to be done tackle cyber crime.

"There is also worrying evidence that the service provided by the police is being hollowed out as 15,000 police officers are being cut.

"Rape and sexual offences have gone up in these figures, however the number being referred by the police to the prosecution has gone significantly down.

"999 delays are also growing with many crime victims now waiting over 10% longer in an emergency for the police to arrive. And neighbourhood policing is being reduced with long term consequences for communities.

"The police are doing a impressive job in increasingly difficult circumstances and they will continue to do everything possible to tackle crime, deliver justice and keep the public safe. But ACPO have warned that the full effect of the cuts is not yet being felt. As the Government has made it so much harder for the police, they should not try to take credit for the work the police and communities are doing."

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