Town Council and Yvette call on people to sign petition against cuts to GP services

Published at: March 24, 2015 10:08 AM

Normanton Town Council leader Carol Moran has called on people to keep up the pressure against cuts to GP services at a meeting with local campaigners and MP Yvette Cooper in a special meeting.

GP services at surgeries including Newlands and Queen Street surgery in Normanton are threatened with cuts after the Government announced plans to change the way GP contracts work, with a £3.8m loss to services across the Wakefield District.

The Town Council have been working with local surgeries and Yvette Cooper to fight these changes that could mean 38 fewer GPs or 95 fewer nurse practitioners across the District. A petition has already been submitted to Wakefield Clinical Commissioning Group but now the campaigners want to go further and are urging people to sign before they take names to the Department of Health.

Yvette Cooper MP said:

“I’m really worried about the plans to cut our local GPs which is why we’re asking for people’s help. We just can’t afford to lose any more GPs or nurse practitioners, it already takes too long to get a doctor’s appointment - and it’s been getting longer. Last year 35,000 people across our area waited more than a week for a GP appointment and that’s just completely unacceptable.

“And there’s no wonder there is a national crisis in A&E if too many people can't get GP appointments so they end up at A&E and we’re seeing the knock on effect of that as waiting times go up.

“Instead of cutting back on GPs I think we need more doctors, Labour is campaigning for more GPs across the country. That's why we're calling for more money from a mansion tax on homes worth more than £2 million to be spent on 8,000 more GPs, 20,000 more nurses and more midwives too.

“We’re seeing signs that our campaign is making a difference and local health officials are looking at this again, but we mustn’t let up the pressure now, that’s why we really need people to support us by signing the petition and sending in letters. The Town Council are distributing letters for members of the public to sign and some surgeries have them as well and people can also sign online at my website at”


Leader of Normanton Town Council Carol Moran said:

“Normanton Town Council are very worried about Government plans to cut local GP services. Just before Christmas the Council arranged a meeting which Yvette Cooper, our Member of Parliament and a representative of the Local Medical Committee to discuss our concerns. The meeting was very well attended showing how worried people in our community are.”

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