This phoney war on immigration is irrelevant to the Government’s removal of transitional controls in January

Published at: December 16, 2013 4:50 PM

Responding to the extraordinary chaotic immigration policies and briefings from the Goverment over the last 24 hours;

Yvette Cooper, Shadow Home Secretary, said:

“This phoney war is irrelevant to the Government’s removal of transitional controls in January.
“Theresa May and Nick Clegg are having a row with each other to distract from the fact that they haven't put measures in place to manage the lifting of transitional controls in January.
“8 months ago we called on the Government to tackle the unfair practises and loopholes that allow for exploitation and employment of migrant workers on the cheap, which undercuts local workers. They have not taken action on the minimum wage, agencies or training to prevent local workers being undercut by exploitation of migrant workers
“We also called for a sensible tightening of benefit rules to ensure that, as with the majority of migrants from the EU, people who come here are working hard and contributing to Britain. But those won't be in place for January.

"We have argued for some time. That longer term EU reforms are needed and there should be a sensible debate on how to do that whilst supporting trade and the economy. But Theresa May is failing to do that and is just engaged in hints and winks rather than workable, practical policies.
“While Theresa May and Nick Clegg argue among themselves, they are failing to put forward practical solutions to meet people's concerns."

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