Theresa May is hollowing out the service the police provide and its the public and local communities that are suffering as a result

Published at: July 15, 2013 4:31 PM

Yvette Cooper, Shadow Home Secretary, said:

“These new police response time figures show the service provided to the public is being hollowed out by Theresa May's unsustainable cuts to the police.

“The police are doing what they can, but the scale and pace of the Government's cuts over the last three years is hitting services despite Theresa May's promises that the front line would not be hit.

"People need to know the police will be there when they need them. Whether that is during the day or late at night an emergency is an emergency and increases of around 25% in response times meaning the public waiting longer is unacceptable. 

"Every minute counts if someone is being threatened with violence, or if there is a burglar in the house.

“This is on top of fewer serious crimes being solved, violent offenders being let off under community resolutions against official guidance, and fewer people being arrested for sexual offences.

“Cutting police budgets by £2 billion rather than the £1 billion that we and the independent police inspectorate supported means that 15,000 police officers are being lost.

"Because of this Government’s economic failure the problem is likely to get worse, with fewer officers travelling further to incidents. The 4.9% cut announced in the Spending Review is the equivalent of losing 10,000 new police constables - on top of the police officers going already.”

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