The news that Kellingley is to close in 2015 will come as a blow to workers, their families and the wider community

Published at: April 10, 2014 1:57 PM

Responding to the news that Kellingley colliery will close in 2015, local MP Yvette Cooper said:

"This is very grim news. It's bitterly disappointing for the workers, their families and the wider community that this deal means closing Kellingley in 2015, ending once and for all a legacy of hundreds of years of coal mining in Yorkshire.

"But it’s particularly a blow to the miners themselves and their families will be devastated by this news, especially as these are highly skilled jobs. So too will the local businesses that depend on contracts."

"The Government should be doing much more. Of course it was right to step in and stop the pit closing immediately. But there is much more they should be doing now to secure a long term future of Kellingley and the other deep mine at Thorseby.

"There's a very short window now, before development workers are laid off, in which Ministers should be straining every sinew to get a new deal with investors and Europe to keep the pits open for longer.

"But they're just not doing enough. If they don't act quickly it will be too late. This isn't just about the hundreds of local jobs that we are of course fighting to save; it’s also about making sure we have a mixed energy policy in Britain without too much dependency on imports from places like Russia.
"I'll be meeting with unions and workers to discuss our next steps in the fight to save Kellingley in the coming days."
"The Government must not turn its back on the deep mined coal industry now. I will be keeping up the fight over the next few months to try and find any last deal that will keep Kellingley open”.

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