Tens of thousands of identified peadophile suspects must not be ignored

Published at: September 23, 2014 11:42 AM

Responding to reports this morning that over 25,000 suspected peadophiles have been identified by the NCA but no action is planned to be taken against them;

Yvette Cooper, Shadow Home Secretary, said:

“Why are the Home Office and police not demanding action against tens of thousands of identified suspects of online child abuse? This is immensely serious, as children need to be protected.

"The work the NCA has done to safeguard 400 children and arrest 660 paedophiles is immensely important.

"However tens of thousands of other identified suspects must not be ignored. It feels as though once again the authorities are treating child abuse as too difficult to solve, and the Home Office are just not keeping up with this new and immensely serious growing online crime. Yet vulnerable children are at risk.

"This problem should not be too big for the police to handle. After all, they manage to investigate and arrest over 230,000 for theft and handling stolen goods. Surely they should be able to investigate 25,000 potential child sex abusers.

"I wrote to Theresa May in July this year to ask her to take a lead on this matter and yet have heard nothing back. 
"Prosecutions for child sex offences has fallen by 9% even though more cases are being reported to the police. When will people take this seriously enough?
"We need action from the Home secretary not silence. This is too serious to ignore – the victims deserve better.​"



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