Hundreds of people have signed Yvette’s petition to keep free TV licences for older pensioners

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The MP is supporting the campaign by the Wakefield Express to defend the pensioners TV licence after the new licence fee arrangement transferred responsibility for it to the BBC, and the BBC announced it would only be continued for people on Pension Credit.

 She is challenging the new Prime Minister to reverse the policy after the Conservatives promised to keep the free TV licence in 2017 and Boris Johnson promised to keep it in the Conservative leadership contest.

 Yvette said:

It’s completely unfair to take away the free TV licence. The Government seems to think it’s OK for pensioners to pay if they aren’t on pension credit. But lots of pensioners round here only have a small work pension or widows pension and the TV licence makes a real difference. 

“We took the petition round Pontefract and Castleford town centres and everyone wanted to sign it. People feel really strongly that this is unfair. The Wakefield Express are completely right to be campaigning so hard.

“The new Prime Minister claimed the free TV licence would stay. He’s got the power now to make sure that happens so he needs to sort it out fast.” 

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