New Year Message from Yvette

Published at: January 29, 2013 11:02 AM

It’s that time of year again, Christmas is here and the countdown to the end of 2012 has begun.

Yorkshire's Olympic success has made 2012 a spectacular sporting year. And the combination of the Olympics and the wonderful Diamond Jubilee celebrations make us feel rightly proud to be British.

But as we look forward to 2013 many families round here are feeling worried about the future. Growing numbers of local people have contacted me or come to see me in my surgeries because they are struggling to make ends meet and lots of families are having the use the food bank set up in Wakefield.

Its still really tough for young people trying to find their first job, while cuts to tax credits and the new bedroom tax are hitting working families hard. I'm very angry that the Government is making low paid working people round here pay the price, while millionaires get tax cuts and certain multinational companies don't pay their fair share.

But we also know we can still work together to make a difference. Thousands of people joined our campaign to save Pontefract A&E, and the overnight service re-opened because of people power in October. I’d like to say a special thank you to everyone who signed the petition and helped on the campaign.

Thank you as well to the countless people I've met this year, from police officers to NHS staff, fire fighters to care workers, who work tirelessly to keep us safe all year round, and particularly in winter, the road gritters!

And thank you at Christmas to the postal workers working so hard to get the cards and presents delivered on time.

This area has a strong tradition of standing together through tough times, and we'll keep doing that now. That Yorkshire Olympic spirit we saw in 2012 has deep routes in our history and our communities and we'll keep it going for years to come.

So to everyone I’d like to say I hope your Christmas was full of happiness, and I wish you a peaceful New Year.


Yvette Cooper MP

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