MP joins NHS and Yorkshire Haven to mark Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Published at: October 15, 2013 11:33 AM

DSC01486.JPGYvette joined NHS breast screening staff and local activists from The Yorkshire Haven Centre to raise awareness of breast cancer screening and launch the ‘Yorkshire in the Pink’ campaign in Breast Cancer Awareness this month.

Campaigners are working to raise awareness of breast cancer screening to save lives, to raise awareness of help and support for cancer patients at The Yorkshire Haven Centre and to encourage people county-wide to do something pink to raise funds during the month.

The Haven Team and one of their visitors, Sheila Squires met with Yvette Cooper at the Mobile Breast Sreening Unit at Junction 32 in Castleford to hear about the work they do, screening over 5000 women across the Five Towns every year.

They also heard about Sheila's experience when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, the treatment she received from the NHS and the support she received from the Haven.

Based in Leeds, but providing free support and care for breast cancer patients across West Yorkshire the Haven includes complementary therapies and emotional support.

Yvette Cooper MP said:

“The mobile screening unit at Junction 32 is a vital service for local women to get checked for Breast Cancer. I hope more women will take up screening because it can save lives, and its a really friendly local service. 

“And Sheila told me how good it was to have support from the Haven Centre while she was going through cancer treatment and afterwards as well. Going through treatment is stressful and exhausting for anyone, but help to take some of the pressure off and support after treatment as well is great.”

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