MP and Students Join forces to urge young people to get registered!

Published at: October 22, 2015 10:14 AM

Yvette_at_NC_Pontefract_16_Oct_15-7.jpgLocal MP Yvette Cooper has joined forces with students at NEW College to urge young people across the constituency to register to vote before 1st December.

Young people can register to vote as soon as they turn 16.

The Government has rushed in a new system which means each person now has to individually register with a local authority, rather than register as a household. 

Those who don’t register may not be able to vote at the next election or in the European Referendum and could face an £80 fine for failing to register.

Yvette Cooper is concerned that lots of people will lose the right to vote because they don't know the system has changed.

Experts have warned that up to ten thousand people in the Wakefield District are could fail to register in time - and young people are likely to be most affected as most would previously have been registered by their parents.

If more people don't register by 1 December then West Yorkshire could also lose representation in Parliament compared to other areas as the Boundary Commission will use the new register to decide which areas have most MPs.

Yvette Cooper MP said:

“Everyone has the right to vote - it’s a basic democratic right for all of us to have our say. But by rushing this new system in, the Government is making it much harder - especially for young people. Yet young people have been hit hardest by Conservative Government decisions on things like tuition fees and I think Ministers just ignore young people because they think they won't vote.

"The new Suffragette film is out soon - about how women were tortured and died for the right to vote. Working people had to fight for the right to vote too. That's why I want everyone to have their democratic rights.

“It’s great that NEW College is encouraging students to sign up. It only takes 2 minutes. If you don’t know whether you are registered the quickest way to make sure is to go to and sign up.”

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