Kings School students help pensioners get online

Published at: October 08, 2013 11:41 AM

DSC01476.JPGLast week Yvette visited De Lacy Gardens in Pontefract with students from the Kings School to hear about the work students have been doing helping older people to get online and learn how to use computers and the internet.

Residents at De Lacy Gardens have been able to take lessons from students every Wednesday evening for the past 12 months and many have jumped at the chance.

Learning new skills including how to send emails, how to Skype relatives living abroad or do grocery shopping online.

The visit coincides with Silver Sunday, a national day to help combat lonliness amongst older people by encouraging young people to reach out

Yvette Cooper MP said:

“It’s brilliant that students from the Kings School have given up their time to come along and teach people how to get online. Not only does it open up a new experience to people, who may never have thought to use a computer before, but it’s a chance for different generations to socialise, and it’s clear that friendships have been made over the last year.”

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