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Last year hospital bosses closed Pontefract A&E overnight and we forced them to reopen after 14,000 people joined the campaign with public meetings and petitions.

Now they are trying to downgrade Pontefract A&E during the daytime breaking the promise we were made of 24 hour consultant led A&E at Pontefract.

They also want to cut around 200 beds from across the Trust - which is appalling at a time when waiting times are already growing.

These plans are clearly all about cuts. The Trust is being forced to make big cuts by Government reforms and they have been told that if they don't they could be taken over by a private company instead. Services we were promised are under threat as a result.

We already know Pinderfields is struggling this winter, so sending more patients there from Pontefract and cutting beds is madness! It’s unfair to patients who are waiting too long to be seen and it’s unfair to staff who are already over-stretched.

Hospital bosses know we won’t accept this plan and we won’t give up the fight for a proper A&E at Pontefract. But we need as much help as possible.

The formal consultation on these plans will start in March with final decisions later in the year. I will send you more information about the Trust's proposals and about the campaign as things develop.

But in the meantime we need to get the petition going again to save A&E and stop 200 beds being cut.

You can get involved and sign the petition here, and I hope that you’ll spread the word by asking your friends to sign as well.

Our NHS is too important for us to ignore these damaging plans. Together we need to fight to stop the Government’s damaging NHS reforms stripping us of the health services our area needs.

Remember you can still add your name to our petition below and you can also sign up to my facebook page for regular updates here.

People in Wakefield and the Five Towns need an NHS they can rely on. Patients already have to travel far too often across to Dewsbury and vica-versa when we were promised they would be treated at Pontefract or Pinderfields.

What is the government going to do about this? David Cameron's promise to protect the NHS were worthless if services are being put under so much pressure by chaotic government reforms.

The Trust and the Government should be under no illusion that local people will fight hard for the services we need. Instead of wasting money on pointless re-organisations, the government should be supporting NHS services.

Remember you can still add your name to our petition below and you can also sign up to my facebook page for regular updates here.

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