Fight Goes on for Kellingley Colliery

Published at: June 09, 2014 2:24 PM

photo.JPGLocal Campaigners have vowed to keep the fight going for a long term plan for Kellingley Colliery following the agreement last week of a deal to shut the pit in 2015.

The plan, which workers and unions have accepted, will see £20m of investment from businesses and Government in the form of loans to keep Kellingley open until late 2015.

But campaigners are demanding that UK Coal and the Government use this time to explore other options to keep the mine open past that point. Local MP Yvette Cooper is meeting with potential investors and is urging UK Coal and the Government to do the same.

Local MP Yvette Cooper said:

“Now that we have a deal in place to stop the immediate closure at Kellingley, UK Coal and the Government must do their bit to ensure that a viable solution is found beyond the current plan of a managed closure in 2015. That means meeting potential investors and exploring every available option. It’s simply not good enough for Ministers to shrug their shoulders and declare “job done” on Kellingley. Time is running out, if we don’t secure a long term deal before the new development stops and men are laid off at the end of May, it will be too late.”

It’s vital we keep the mine open in the long term, not just because of the history in our area, but also for the jobs at the pit, for local businesses that rely on contracts with Kellingley and for our wider energy security. Given that we’ll rely on coal power for the next few decades and are in the process of developing clean coal technology at Drax, the Government must not make us even more reliant on foreign imports from places like Russia.” 

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