Cooper calls for fair deal for Kellingley workers

Published at: November 26, 2015 10:56 AM

      Yvette Cooper has written to both the Minister of State for Energy, Angela Leadsom, and the administrator for Kellingley Colliery asking for reassurance that workers being made redundant will be given a fair pay off when the mine closes later this year.

   Yvette is concerned that if UK Coal reach December 11th without enough money, the remaining workforce will not even get the 9 weeks’ redundancy pay awarded to those workers who were made redundant in July

she has warned the Government that it would be deeply unfair for miners who have been loyal to the industry to the end to get the worst deal of all

Yvette is also arguing that the Kellingley miners should get extra support, because unlike when previous pits closed there are no more mining jobs to go to 

Yvette said, "this is a deeply depressing moment, to lose Kellingley, our last pit when it could have kept going for many more years. The miners who have stayed loyal to the industry deserve a fair deal and not to be let down. The Government shouldn't turn its back. Lack of Government action means the pit is closing in a matter of weeks - but we need a guarantee from the Government and the administrators that the miners who kept Kellingley and UKCoal alive for so long will get a proper redundancy deal, it is the least they deserve”.

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