Coalition now in chaos over ill-judged ad vans

Published at: July 28, 2013 5:21 PM

Following comments from a range of Government figures today, see below an updated comment on the chaos in Government over ill-judged ad vans.

Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper said:

"There is now complete confusion over whether these ill judged ad vans are actually government policy or not. As we have made clear for some time, this is a cynical stunt from a Government that's not getting the basics right on immigration.

"With no consultation with local communities the Government has simply caused offence with these ill-judged ad vans. They seem to be aimed at lost Tory voters rather than a sensible strategy to tackle illegal immigration

"Now Cabinet Ministers are openly disagreeing. Vince Cable is right they are stupid, but why then is the Government sticking by them, instead of getting the basics right with a proper plan for efficient border enforcement.

"We need a grown up debate about what's important and making immigration work for all. Instead we have ludicrous posters and a Home Office practising stupid politics."

Chris Bryant said:

"We warned the Government this strategy was ill advised.

"Illegal immigration is getting worse with more people absconding at the border and fewer being returned.

"Instead of tackling those basic problems the Government has resorted to these cynical and ill judged ad vans. Instead of consulting local communities about effective strategies they have simply caused offence.

"They should tell us now how many illegal migrants have sent them a text message as a result of these vans. And they should start setting out a proper enforcement strategy to reduce illegal immigration instead."

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