Campaigning to stop Nursery closing this summer has paid off.

Great relief at Harewood Centre Nursery School that all our campaigning to stop it closing this summer has paid off. The Government is cutting the budget for maintained nurseries like Harewood, but after all our pressure, parents petitions and campaigns, the Minister was forced to announce some extra money yesterday to fill the gap this year.

It’s a first step and the headteacher Becky Cook, staff and parents I spoke to at Harewood are really relieved. It would be a travesty if Harewood closed due to Governement cuts when it provides vital support for parents and families as well as the children. It’s why Cllr David Jones and I have been campaigning so hard and including getting Labour’s education team to visit Harewood and raise it in Parliament too.

But this is only the start. Now it’s time for Ministers to sort out a long term funding plan so that we don’t have to go through this all again later in the year.

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