Action needed on street drinking in Castleford

Published at: July 06, 2017 11:48 AM

Action needed on street drinking in Castleford

Castleford needs the same powers as Pontefract and Wakefield to stop problem street drinking in the town. Support my petition for action here.

Residents and shop workers shouldn't have to put up with anti-social behaviour linked to street drinking that has grown in Castleford town centre. It's completely unfair.

That's why I've called for a "Public Spaces Protection Order" for Castleford town centre which would mean our neighbourhood police could step in to stop people getting drunk in the street - Pontefract and Wakefield already have these powers, we need them in Castleford too. Wakefield Council have said they will put forward plans for a PSPO and they are asking for people's views. But we need to show that these plans have strong backing across our town. So please sign my petition if you agree.

This problem has grown and it's not fair on people shopping, living and working in our town centre - so we also need stronger action to prevent problem street drinking in the first place. 


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